Sunday, February 10, 2008

Losing My Mind, Among Other Things

There are some days where I couldn't find my own ass and I'd lose my head if it wasn't bolted on. And yesterday, my brain was definitely out to lunch.

It was car payment day, so I went to where I keep my "to be paid" bills. I found the envelope and went to sit on the couch to write the bill out, after getting my check book. But when I opened the envelope, I found I'd chosen the wrong one; it was just the stub from last month's payment.

So, I got up and looked again and it wasn't where it should be. I had to tear the house apart looking for it, and I finally came up with it, but it was missing the payment envelope. I went to the computer this time and filled out the check, then found a plain, white envelope to substitute for the usual one.

After addressing the envelope, I remembered that I didn't have a stamp right there, so I got up to get one from the drawer. That done, I returned to the computer, where the check was still there waiting, but the envelope had vanished into thin air. I looked all around the computer desk and on the floor for it, but it was just gone.

Now pissed off, I filled out another envelope, but neglected to put the PO Box on it, so I ended up having to do it a third time. I quickly put the check inside, then stamped it before it could magically vanish yet again. Then I placed it under my car keys, so I'd have it as I went out the door to mail it.

Sometimes I think I'm losing my mind and that on some days, I'd be better off just staying in bed.


Kathy said...

You've no idea how many days I have like that. Now don't forget to mail it!

Winter said...

This used to happen to me. Now I pay everything either online with my card or with cash. It eliminates the whole US Postal system. I've had one too many instances of paying something only to find out (when the power goes off) that they never got the payment. I hate stop payment fees and lost mail BS. So I don't mail payments anymore.