Friday, February 15, 2008

Teacher Fired for Being Single and Pregnant

Recently, an unmarried teacher at a Catholic school in Minnesota became pregnant. Because she does not believe in abortion, she decided to continue her pregnancy and raise the child on her own.

Unfortunately, when she informed the school administrators of her condition she was given the "choice" to either resign or be fired. This was because she violated Catholic ideas about morality by being pregnant without being married; i.e. by having non-marital sex. Never mind that she upheld the Catholic ideal of eschewing abortion; indeed, she could have done the easy thing and had an abortion and no one would have been the wiser.

It would seem that the Catholic Church would rather have a single mother become unemployed or on welfare than either have an abortion or a job to provide for her child. Would Jesus have reacted in this manner? I think not. After all, his own mother was single and pregnant.

And let us not forget that a male teacher at the same school can have all the non-marital sex he likes but no one has to know because he cannot get pregnant. And I'm guessing that if he happened to knock a woman up, he still wouldn't lose his job because he'd have no need to inform the school about it.

This decision also reeks of hypocrisy, considering the countless number of priests who have molested little boys under their care over the years, with the church generally sweeping such incidents under the rug.



transfattyacid said...

Harper Valley PTA

Winter said...

It's so much BS, but exactly what I would expect from any religious school unfortunately.

IOPYella said...

Oh please! I went to Catholic school with pregnant teens. My children go to Catholic school now. The upper school English teacher is divorced and pregnant and loved. I was born and raised Catholic. I offer a simple analogy. I am American,DAR American in fact down both sides. There has been many a law, congressman, senator and president I disliked, but I sure as hell am not giving up my citizenship and moving to Mexico. The Catholic Church is 2,000 years old. I challenge you to find another viable institution as old, as prolific and that has contributed as much to the world. Your comments are nothing short of religious persecution. I dare you to say the same of the jews.

Sway said...

another shining example of sexual repression and the eternal double standard.