Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bad Cats

Both my cats have had wild hairs this week, with both instances of their misbehavior centering on my computer.

A few days ago, I was sitting here using the computer and the big, clumsy-ass tom cat jumped on the computer table then leaped to the tower, missing it and going over the side. Unfortunately, he took the tower along with him, which flipped itself upside down before landing on the floor on its head.

Oddly enough, even though the front panel popped off and the side came open a bit, nothing was unplugged. When I picked it up and replaced it on the table, it was even still online, with everything still working. I was able to pop the front panel back on, though I'll have to use electrical tape to keep the side completely closed again.

The cat knew he'd done wrong and immediately ran and hid somewhere in the house, staying out of sight for several hours.

The next day, I was out for several hours and when I came back, I opened the front door to hear "beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep". I found the female cat sitting ON TOP of the keyboard, which was wrapped in a garbage bag so that it wouldn't get fried if she happened to throw up on it like she'd done to my previous keyboard a few weeks earlier.

I yelled, "NO!" and removed her from her perch. After I set her down elsewhere, she just walked right back to where she'd been and plopped herself back down and the beeping resumed. I ended up having to set the keyboard up on its side, wedged between the tower and monitor, when I went back out. So far, she's shown no more interest in it.

Feel free to tell me about some of the crap your cats and dogs have done in your house.


Winter said...

I can't buy apples. My daughter's kitten (well, she's a cat now, I suppose) opens the pantry, jumps onto the shelf where the apples are (and she searches the shelves believe me), knocks them to the floor and plays with them. You can't eat them afterward because they are full of bruises, teeth and claw holes. She likes them better than balls because they are not perfectly round so they roll crookedly and make noise on the tile. All three cats - Neko Monster the apple lover, Dummy and Swirly the Feral Brothers - have done some crazy stuff. It would fill a book. But Neko... she's the worst. Now that I can't have apples in the house I want them. I need to find a good hiding place for them but so far she's taken them off every shelf in the pantry, out of the cupboard where the glasses are, out of the basket on top the fridge, and off my desk. I guess I need to take the apples to work.

Kathy said...

My trouble-maker cat Lucky likes to chew wires. He ruined two different phone cables until I finally got one of those plastic tube things you slip over them. Now he can't get at them.

Shadow, our youngest, insists on living in the kitchen sink. You can't go in there without her following you. She wants water directly out of the faucet. She hasn't ruined anything, but she's very annoying that way.