Saturday, March 8, 2008


Two kids somewhere in my neighborhood got mopeds recently. How do I know? It's easy -- they're constantly riding the damned things up and down the street at all hours. I'm guessing they think they're cool; that they're "real bikers". On the contrary. The buzzing, mosquito-like whine of a moped is nothing like the deep-throated growl of a full-fledged motorcycle. Sorry, kids. Riding a moped up and down the same street for hours on end doesn't make you a "real biker" -- rather it makes you a "pesty nerd".

It seems that the latest advertising buzz word in the fast food industry is "melty". I've been hearing it a lot in commercials in the last year, starting with a Taco Bell commercial, if I'm not mistaken. The latest use of this pseudo-word (the proper adjective is "melted") is on a commercial for the McDonald's double cheeseburger. The cheese is melted....errr "melty"...on a cheeseburger! Who knew?

I've found a funny website, Today's Gripe which is a blog full of rants, both from the webmaster and those submitted by readers. I contributed one of my favorite rants, "A Typical Trip to McDonald's" which can be read by clicking on the link. I'm sure the blog owner will be happy to post some of your rants as well.

Yesterday, I heard a news story about a golfer that killed a bird. What got my attention apart from the story was the golfer's first name, Trip. I hope this is only a nickname. Now I don't know about you, but I don't think I'd want to go through life being addressed by a word that is a synonym for "stumble". I mean, you might as well call the guy "Spaz".

This pretentious sounding (nick)name is one of several of this type: Skip, Buster, Buzzy, Binky, ad nauseum.

I got an email from a friend in Mississippi accompanied by pictures of the snowstorm they got last night.

Not us. Spring has been well under way for the last couple of weeks. It nearly hit 70 yesterday, the trees are budding, and I found bird shit on the car yesterday. The only thing yet to make its appearance is the yellow-green pollen on the cars.

Today we had a "cold snap" -- it's in the 40s today -- but nowhere near snowing weather. Sigh.


Winter said...

Woah. The gripe blog is great! I have a especially good one for them too on computer users. HEH. Thanks for the link!

transfattyacid said...


love the moped bit... but hey! it takes time for them to realise that they are nerdish, pointless and annoying.

What was it that theguy at work said about you getting old?

Winter said...

Hey, Today's Gripe posted my rant too! It's the extended version of my IT challenges this week. Thanks for that link. It's really cool.