Thursday, March 27, 2008

Democratic Self-Sabotage

Last night, while listening to the radio, the host was talking about a poll taken of Clinton and Obama supporters. The poll results showed that a sizable percentage of each group said that they would not vote for the other candidate if their candidate was not the nominee, but would vote for McCain instead.

Similarly, both Clinton and Obama see each other as their prime opponent, and not McCain. Plus, as the campaign drags on, they've each had their own issues to deal with: Obama with his Rev Wright problem, Clinton with her useless lies about Bosnia, for example. In the news, I hear more about their criticisms of each other than I do of either of their criticisms of McCain and the Republican party in general.

While they both continue to shoot themselves, and the Democratic Party by association, in the foot, John McCain is just standing back watching it all, no doubt in glee, as the Democrats continue to sabotage their chances of winning in November. He's not had much to say against either Obama or Clinton so far -- he doesn't have to, as they're doing it to themselves.

It would seem a better strategy for both candidates to plan on having the other as their running mate if nominated and concentrate on getting a Democrat elected in November. Such a strategy would likely keep those people now contemplating voting for McCain from doing so.

But it seems that both Obama and Clinton care more about their own egos than preventing four more years of a Bush-clone presidency.

I, for one, don't want to see McCain laughing all the way to the bank in November. I prefer Obama, but I will cast my vote firmly for Clinton if that's what it takes to prevent this.


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