Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wheelchairs For Pets

While browsing the net today, I found a website, Eddie's Wheels, which is a business devoted to making wheelchairs for handicapped pets with disabilities of various kinds, both temporary and permanent.

I've seen many pets over the years who have lost the use of their rear legs or lost multiple limbs who were otherwise healthy, who nonetheless had to be put down.

The founder of Eddie's Wheels started this business when his own dog lost her mobility due to disc disease. He devised and built a dogcart for her that would allow her explore the woods, wade in the river, and play with other dogs, as she had always done. Fortunately, her disabilities were temporary, and she later regained the full use of her legs, her recovery no doubt hastened by the cart that allowed her to get around.

Now, he builds pet wheelchairs, individually designed for each client, according to the pet's size and type of disability.

It's a great idea that allows many disabled pets to live a normal life to old age, who wouldn't have had a chance before. I wish I'd thought of it.

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