Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pros and Cons of One Night Stands

While prowling the web to find something to write about, I found a site that discussed the pros and cons of one-night stands, which you can read about below. It's a rather superficial treatment of the subject, but I'm too tired to write anything more in depth tonight.:

The Pros:

* Sex is fun and it burns calories

* The commitment factor is zero: no obligations, tests, trials or torturous ‘we need to talk’ conversations.

* Sitting by the phone, or constantly checking your cell phone flies from the window.

* One of the most popular documented sexual fantasies is that which involves doing the deed with a perfect stranger: a one night stand can fulfill this fantasy without any freaky add-ons.

* I'd add the obvious pro that one night stands introduce variety into one's sex life.

The Cons:

* Stranger sex may be an exciting fantasy, but it can be dangerous; Gump’s chocolate box may turn out to be something else.

-- But the danger factor is part of what makes them exciting.

* While condoms act as a barrier for some of the nastier STDs, they don’t prevent things such as pubic lice or Herpes. The absence of a dental dam during cunnilingus may not be a wise idea if the giver has a cold sore on their mouth.

-- What the fuck is a "dental dam"?

* Peer pressure, or the need to fit in doesn’t necessarily translate to great sex.

-- Trust me, I don't engage in one night stands to "fit in".

* High alcohol consumption can impede sexual performance, to result in delayed orgasm and/or erectile dysfunction (‘softcock syndrome’).

-- Which is the main reason why I don't drink alcohol at all. I don't see why the author of this article thought that booze was an essential component of a one night stand.

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