Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Good News

It seems as if what I've thought all along is apparently true:

When it comes to sex, the watchword for men is "use it or lose it."

In a study conducted among a thousand older Finnish men, those who had sex most often were at a lower risk for developing erectile dysfunction (ED). The more sex they had, the lower the risk.

It seems as if regular sex works pretty much like regular exercise does for other parts of the body.
The study team found that regular sexual activity may help maintain healthy blood vessel function in the erectile tissue.

Considering I've been "using it" early and often for the last thirty years or so with a wide variety of partners, I expect to continue doing so for years to come.

In another related study, Swedish researchers found that 70 year olds of both sexes are now more sexually active than those 30 years ago, and that more women are satisfied with the sex they're getting. Researchers attribute this largely to more increasingly more open, sex-positive attitudes in the last fifty years, which has served in more communication between partners and the willingness to sex medical help when there are physical problems.

Four groups of 70 year olds, married and single, were interviewed about their sex lives between 1971 and 2001.
68 percent of married men said they were having sex in 2001, up from 52 percent in the early '70s. 54 percent of married were having sex in 2001, compared to 30 percent in 1971. 12 percent of single women were having sex in 2001, compared to an abysmal less than one percent in 1971. The report I read did not mention the rates for single men, but it would appear that the current discrepancy in 2001 between married men and women might be related to the encouraging rise for single women.

Another encouraging trend for women was that more women reported experiencing orgasm during sex, while far fewer reported never having had an orgasm. Again, it would be logical that more open sexual attitudes can in large part can explain this positive trend.

So, in conclusion, I would advise everyone to have sex regularly, and talk openly about it with your partner(s). You'll be happier when you get old if you do.


Hucky said...

The studies you site are from socialist nations. The first propagators of socialist openly talked how fuzzy science and studies can be used to promote socialism and after societial changes and or governmental institutions have sprung up as the result they will be hard to get rid of even if better studies are done later that disprove the socialist ran ones.

After socialist say they will lie and decive to spread their agenda why do people buy their BS?

Libertine said...

So you think sexual repression is a good thing, then?

This is a medical and scientific issue, not a political one.

Sounds like you're a bit of a conspiracy theorist.