Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Doldrums

Sorry I've been pretty much MIA around here lately. I'm having a bad case of the summer doldrums and my blogging get up and go, got up and went, as the old saying goes. I'm the opposite of a bear -- I have more energy in the winter, but I want to hole up in the house and lay around all summer.

I've been working a lot more hours in the last few weeks, which is also serving to make my slacker's heart crabby. I need the money, sure, but I value my time more. But I know business it highly cyclical there, so the busy patch we've been having won't last forever.

Even though we just passed the summer solstice a couple of weeks ago, I've already noticed the days getting slightly shorter. I'm cheered by this, because I know we're in the downslide to winter, however far it is on the horizon.

I experience two signs of the approaching fall season today. I was in the dollar store today and I noticed they'd put out all the Back-to-School items. I used to hate to see this when I was a kid, but now that I'm grown and my son is grown, this first harbinger of fall only serves to cheer me now. I'll be even happier to see the Halloween stuff going up.

I saw the second sign this evening when commercial came on advertising a local event that will occur on Labor Day, which had me thinking even more of the cool days to come.

Pretty soon, I'll be humming Christmas carols...

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Jay said...

You're wishing your life away, my friend.

It's true, I've noticed the nights drawing in now that the solstice is past, but I find it depressing, rather than uplifting. My Other Half is worse than me, he starts fretting badly about it, because he suffers from SAD.

Can't please all of the people all of the time, huh? LOL!