Friday, July 18, 2008

How to End a Drought

My area is in the throes of a long running drought. Local officials have encouraged people to stop watering their lawns and to sharply reduce how often they wash their cars. This isn't going to work, as we all know quite well that leaving a car dirty causes dry and sunny weather!
I'm surprised that local officials haven't proposed some of the following sure-fire ways to make it rain:

1. Organize a mass car wash

2. Encourage everyone in town to leave their car windows down overnight

3. Encourage people to erect clotheslines for drying clothes and to leave clothes drying overnight

4. Plan an outdoor concert

5. Mandate that all wedding and wedding receptions be held outdoors.

6. Plan an outdoor craft fair

7. Encourage people to spray their weeds with Round-Up (rain will cause this not to work)

Feel free to list some of your favorite rain-causing activities in the comment box.

1 comment:

Jay said...

All excellent ideas! It's a well-known fact that all these things cause rain, as does leaving the garden furniture cushions out overnight and fertilising the lawn with sulphate of ammonia.