Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Hate the Olympics

The Beijing Summer Olympics are nearly upon us, starting on 8-8-08. But I have absolutely no intention of watching any of the events.

I have to admit that the Olympic Games bore me witless. I've never been all that much into sports in general, but the Olympics have a special place in boredom hell for me. At least with the Big 3 sports of football, baseball, and basketball, some fun can be had actually playing these sports, if one isn't much into watching them. Same goes for hockey and soccer as well.

During the summer of the 1972 Olympics, most of my friends were into watching the Olympics, while I nearly fell into a coma when I joined them. As this was my last summer as a virgin, I figure that I probably got more books read and hours in practicing the trumpet because of all the time my friends spent watching these soporific events.

My sister has always been big into the Olympics as well, going so far as to attend a few events of the 1996 games, which were not particularly cheap.

I won't be watching the games again this year, unless I happen to have insomnia one night and can't get to sleep any other way.



Dee Jay said...

I'm totally opposite of you. I LOVE the Olympics - both summer and winter. I love watching sports I don't normally pay attention to. I find myself wrapped up in the human interest stories of the various athletes that they share with us.

I'm really looking forward to them being on television.

manda said...

I like the Olympics too..although I'm very much against them being in Beijing. Not only is it bad for the Olympians with all the smog that is there, but many Chinese were forced from their homes so the government could build the things necessary to hold the Olympics. We have a professor that teachers here from China and she was working very hard to educate Northern students about this. It's really sad.

Anonymous said...

I agree; the olympics suck. I hate the phony good-feeling vibe they pretend to promote. It's just about the money like everything else. More publicity should be focused on the bribery that is rampant in the IOC.
Finally, china getting the olympics is on par with nazi germany getting the games in 1936.

Don said...


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Anonymous said...

God I couldn't agree more. I would literally rather stab myself in the arm than watch another event. I don't like watching sports to begin with, but i'll tolerate most. my boyfriend is the exact opposite of me, he lives for the olympics (which is weird because he is not even close to an athlete). i want to kill him right now. f*ck olympics!

Anonymous said...

The Olympics have devolved into a freak show. Forget mere steroids. Let's test for alien DNA! The Track and Field show should be done at a NASCAR speedway by now.

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with you on the Olympics, in fact your post reflects how I feel about sports in general.

As I write this, the 2010 Superbowl has passed, and we're coming up on the winter Olympics in Canada. It's amazing to me how enthusiastic people are about either event. To me they just take up valuable air time that could be give to better programming. This is especially why I find the Olympics annoying since they interrupt my favourite shows.