Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blogging Temperaments

Sitting here this morning, I thought of the many approaches people have toward blogging. And it dawned on me that bloggers tend roughly to follow four basic approaches to blogging. Some people blog about what they do, some blog about what they think, some blog mainly about what they feel, and some blog about what they experience. Of course, any blogger can and often does blog about all four things, but if you read a particular blog long enough, you'll begin to see a pattern and a preference for one of the four approaches.

These four approaches to blogging fit neatly into Keirsey's four temperament clusters, with each cluster broken down into four subgroups, which gives the sixteen personality types of the Myers-Briggs personality system.

The four blogging temperaments that correspond with the Keirsey system are:

  • NT Rationals -- tend to blog most about what they think
  • NF Idealists -- tend to blog most about what they feel
  • SP Artisans -- tend to blog most about what they experience
  • SJ Guardians -- tend to blog most about they do

If you don't already know your Keirsey Cluster and Myers-Briggs type, take the Keirsey test here and the Myers Briggs test here to see if your type matches your basic blogging focus. Feel free to post your results in the comment box. And for those of you who don't already know my type, feel free to guess.


Jay said...

I'm apparently an INTJ. Mostly - I think - my blog is divided between my thoughts and my experiences. I have no idea if that's 'normal' for an INTJ or not!

I didn't do the Keirsey test because you had to sign up to take part. I hate that. ;)

Anonymous said...

what joe bidens type?