Friday, August 8, 2008

Don't Expect Us To Think; We're Just Doing Our Job

Pardon my lack of blogging in the last few days. My primary lover, who has been out of town for the better part of a month, returned home the other day and we've been....busy. You get the drill, I'm sure.

I'm still kind of worn out and not all that inspired to write, but somthing happened this morning that was rant-worthy, so I'll write about that.

After going out to pay a bill this morning, I swung through a fast-food drive-through for lunch. I won't name the chain, but it is one that usually has better service than the abysmal McDonald's a block further up the road.

I ordered a burger, fries, and drink combo, telling them to leave off the tomato, pickles, and mayonnaise on the burger. Those who have read my blog in the past know that while I don't hate mayo, per se, I prefer to have it left off my burgers because most restaurants put way too much of it on burgers. Too much mayo on a burger makes the bun soggy and prone to disintegration as soon as you pick it up. It also has a bad habit of turning the lettuce into a limp, slimy mess. Tomatoes and pickles, I just hate them on a burger, period.

After I told the squawk box that I didn't want these three things on my burger, there was a prolonged, stunned silence on the other end. I'm guessing they were trying to gather up enough brain cells to actually....think!

Finally, after a long while, a woman's voice snaps, "Just what DO you want on your burger?" I sighed and spelled it out for them, "Everything else that normally comes on that burger, except for the three things I mentioned." In this case, that would be lettuce, onions, and mustard.

But it was a naive hope that they'd be able to actually use their brains. When I got home and opened my burger, I found they've given me a naked burger; there was NOTHING on it. It was too much for their little brains to comprehend leaving off three ingredients while including the other three normally included. For them, it's either everything on it, or nothing at all.

And they didn't give me a straw for my drink, either. I guess that was my punishment for expecting them actually to think.


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