Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hot! Hot! Hot!

On Sunday night, my air conditioner quit on me. It made this squealing sound, then quit. The compressor works, but the fan won't blow any air.

This air conditioner is only four years old. I had my previous air conditioner for twenty years without any problems, so this really tees me off.

And I can't afford to call in a repairman, nor get a new one.

I suppose I'm lucky it didn't happen in May, but we've still got some hot weather ahead of us. I went out and bought a couple more fans, but it's not really cutting it.

I'm lucky that my house is well-shaded, as it would be no doubt worse if I had a atark, bare, treeless yard.

If it's not one thing, it's another. Sigh.

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Melissa said...

That's too bad it stopped working already only after 4 years! It's really cooled off here, been in the 50's at night and high 70's low 80's in the day. I'm still using the a/c in the afternoon though. At night, I open all the windows and enjoy the cool air!