Monday, October 6, 2008

Bitchy Kitty

My female cat is twelve years old now. And the older she gets, the more crotchety she becomes.

She has a bad habit of perching on the narrow ledge of windows in the house; the place where the upper and lower windows meet. She's OK there, as long as she's awake and alert. However, she tends to fall asleep on that narrow ledge, contorted into a weird position. And no sooner than she fully relaxes and drifts off to sleep than she tends to fall from her perch, hitting the floor (or the kitchen counter if she's in that window) with a resounding thump.

You'd think she'd learn and find another place to sleep where she'd be more secure. But that is something you'd be wrong about. No matter how many times she falls out of the window, she goes right back to it, only to fall again a few minutes later. I've done all I can to persuade her to perch elsewhere, but she won't even consider it. If I move her somewhere else, she'll just run right back to the damned window.

The other day she fell out of the window and I suddenly heard her hissing and spitting. I looked to see if the tom was hassling her, but he wasn't even in the room. She's fallen from the kitchen window right into a half eaten borwl of soup I'd left on the counter and she was dripping wet. The bowl was a disposable cardboard bowl, so she'd not hurt herself with glass shards.

She was just royally pissed off at me for leaving the soup there and for getting all wet. When I approached her to make sure she wasn't hurt, she just gave me a look that could kill and hissed emphatically at me. If she could have spoke, she'd have told me to clean up the damned mess, already.

By this time, the tom came into the kitchen to see what the hell was wrong with her and she hissed at him, too, for good measure.

Have any of you ever had your cats to verbally complain at you in this manner before?


elisataufik said...

i dont have a cat, so I wouldnt know.
but this was really funny :D

Cat said...

Poor kitty, could it be alzheimer's in kitty land?