Friday, October 10, 2008

John McCain and Religious Fundamentalists


Abraham Lincoln said...

Well this must be tit-for-tat day as I am the first to comment on this excellent post.

I really do, honestly speaking, no-kidding, "shudder" when I imagine You Betcha Palen in the Whine House. Lordy, lordy, lordy, I hope to live long enough to see pants with a fly in front backj in the Oval Office before I go to my Heavenly reward.

If there is a problem with capitalism it is playing out on Wall Street right now and if there is a problem with Democracy I see it playing out in this election right now.

neonprimetime said...
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Libertine said...

Thanks for the compliment, Abe. Always glad to get a visit from you.

Roger Bell said...

Organized religion is just another way to control and oppress people. Sometimes it does serve a good purpose with charity, etc., but the longer I live, the more bad I see in organized religion.

I am a native Georgian, and I've seen how churches try to turn their members to vote in a certain way. It was more subtle when I was a kid, but now, they wear it on their sleeves.