Friday, January 30, 2009

Coming Full Circle

The other day, a lover and I were having an odd conversation about the history of women's underwear, when I learned that women didn't wear any sort of bottoms at all until the 19th century. The conversation came about when she groused about a historical novel she'd recently read. The plot took place during the American Revolution and in one chapter the author referred to a female character's bloomers, which my friend said was an anachronism.

I laughed, thinking how much easier it was for men back then to get down to business with a woman -- all he had to do was lift her skirt. And then I had to wonder what women did at certain times of the month if they were freebreezing it all the time.

My third thought was about how now, 200+ years later, we've nearly come full circle. I got the idea that this would make a funny blog entry, so I did a bit of research.

To Illustrate:

1. 1776

2. 1876

3. 1920

4. 1940

5. 1960

6. 1970

7. 1990

8. 2000

9 Some time in the near future

From the commando of the 1770s to the commando of the 21st century, we will have come full circle.



Roger Bell said...
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Roger Bell said...

I can't wait until the return of the codpiece for men.