Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mush Mouth

Lately, while listening to radio and TV, I've heard a lot of poor enunciations. Following are some recent examples I've noted.

  • "Vunnabel" for vulnerable
  • "Ess-spression" for expression
  • "Tearist" for terrorist. I'm guessing that "tearist" is going to be the new "nucular".
  • "Meterologist" for meteorologist. What? Is this someone who studies meters? The sad thing was that the offender on this word was an actual meteorologist.

Feel free to add some mush mouth examples you've heard in the media in the comment box.


Anonymous said...

Do you remember Jimmy Carter? Before he came to the Whine House, or shortly thereafter, people began to notice that he was actually pronouncing Nuclear properly. I can't remember the wrong way but it sure sounded different.

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Roger Bell said...

Carter served on a nuclear submarine, so one would expect he would know how to pronounce it. Of course, Bush never learned. He preferred "new-kyoo-lur" over "new-cle-ar."

Libertine said...

Of course I remember Jimmy Carter; I cast my very first vote as an 18 year old for him in 1976.