Friday, February 6, 2009

Cats Are Democrats, Dogs Are Republicans

Looking at the typical personalities of cats and dogs, I've always thought that cats are Democrats, while dogs are Republicans. I'm not sure whether this also transfers over to pet preferences among Democrats and Republicans -- do Dems prefer cats and Reps prefer dogs, on the whole?

Following is a list of typical traits of the average cat and the average dog that seem to fit my idea:


Can't be herded, they are natural nonconformists

Are individualists; they follow the beat of their own drummer

Are harmless when left to themselves

Think of their humans as equals

Prefer a clean evironment

Live and let live


Are pack animals; they respect authority

Dogs don't think outside the box

When one starts barking, all the others join in.

Worship their humans

Make a mess wherever they go

Nose into everyone's business

1 comment:

Roger said...

Cats and dogs have several things in common: eat, piss/shit, sleep, and cost money. Sounds like politicians to me.