Monday, May 18, 2009

Clueless People

In the last few days, I've been reminded of just how clueless and oblivious many people are.

The other night, I went through the McDonald's drive-through line. I had the misfortune to pull up behind an aging SUV which was belching toxic blue smoke from its tailpipe. Because the line was slow moving, as usual, I had to endure the toxic fumes from this hunk o'junk for several minutes before getting my food.

As I sat there doing a slow burn at the cretin behind the wheel of the elderly oversized vehicle, I couldn't help but wonder why this moron didn't just park the old bomb and go inside to get his food, instead of subjecting people behind him in line to the noxious odors.

I'm sure doing so never crossed the three brain cells of this obnoxious jerk and if it did, I'm sure he didn't give a flying fuck about anyone else.

A few days later, I pulled into another fast food joint, which has a rather narrow U shaped parking lot around the building. The clearly-marked spaces are on the outer edges of the U, with no parking against the building, so as allow traffic to move freely around the narrow lot.

When I pulled in, another oblivious idiot had parked his full-size Cadillac perpendicular to and against the building at a ninety degree angle. Directly opposite to this car was a full size long bed pickup truck, correctly parked at an angle between two white parking lines. As I pulled into the lot, I saw that the narrow space between the moron's Caddy and the truck was not enough for even my small sports car to slip through.

If I'd been driving an old crate, I'm not sure I would not have smashed into the idiot Cadillac like the woman did in Fried Green Tomatoes. There were others backed up behind me who, I'm sure, were entertaining similar notions in their head.

/rant over

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