Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Difference of Degree, Not Kind

Miss California is in the news again, this time concerning the topless photos she posed for. Pageant officials are set to strip her of her crown and give it to the runner-up, Miss Malibu.

I don't see why anyone is surprised that she'd pose for topless photos. As I see it, the only difference between posing for such photos and competing in a beauty pageant is one of degree rather than kind.

Both activities involve her capitalizing on her physical appearance for personal gain.

So, I see no problem whatsoever with her choosing to pose for these photos.

What does bother me is the rampant hypocrisy, both hers and that of those who run these beauty pageants. Hers because of her holier than thou comments about same sex marriage and that of the contest's promoters for failing to acknowledge that soft core porn and beauty pageants are simply two points on the same continuum.

And as far as her original comments about same sex marriage goes, who really cares what she had to say, anyway? It's a beauty pageant for crap's sake; it's not as if anyone expects these women to be Rhodes scholars. I'm actually surprised that these pageants still exist in 2009, to be perfectly honest.



Roger said...

The Donald was on Today and supporting the bitch.

Libertine said...

I'm not surprised -- he's probably banging her.