Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Man of the 70s

In a recent Alternet article, Seeking the Hairless Porn Star Ideal, the author laments the increasing ubiquity of women with hairless pubic regions. The article was prompted by a bad experience after having a Brazilian wax.

As one who has long lamented this growing trend, I felt moved to comment:

A Man of the 70s

I became sexually active in the mid-70s, when no women would ever think of removing every bit of their pubic hair. The most women did then was trim it up a bit if they had random hairs that poked out of their panties or bathing suits. Otherwise, they came as nature intended. I didn't have any problem with it, nor did any other man I know.

I never encountered a bald one until the mid to late 90s. I didn't like it then, and the passage of time hasn't improved my opinion this phenomenon.

I want a woman to look like a grown woman, not a prepubescent girl. In my opinion, it's kind of creepy to see a woman who imitates the appearance of a little girl by maintaining a hairless pubic area.

Seeing a woman with a five o'clock shadow between her legs or who has an angry red rash there also doesn't do much to arouse me.

I hear guys nowadays say they prefer the hairless look because they prefer a woman to be "clean".

I don't know where people get the idea that hair = dirty. I have to deal with a similar misconception as a long haired male -- "clean cut" being a synonym for "short hair".

In the instance of female pubic hair, there's no problem if the woman bathes regularly, and I've seen no indication that women who go au naturel bathe any less frequently than their hairless sisters. So, it's not really a cleanliness issue.

I don't have a problem with a bit of trimming to keep it from showing when wearing a bathing suit, but removing every speck of hair is obsessive-compulsive and going overboard.

It's a trend that I hope even
tually falls by the wayside.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I gotta say it. TMI for the some of the XY types, perhaps, but it's gotta come out.

I blame the shaved-pube thing on those goddamned Always-with-wings pads. I hatehatehate those things, and that stupid design is everywhere now. The surface on Always is far better than other brands, but those idiotic little "wings" (which don't do what they're supposed to and actually make the pad more likely to fail in a hideously embarrassing way) catch pubes in the adhesive. And it's not as if you can just reach down and fix the problem when hairs get caught while you're at work or buying groceries or whatever. Younger teens often rely on pads alone, and us old women still need some backup, so the problem affects lots of women since it can be hard to find the wingless pads now.

LMC said...

I will be so happy now that I won't need those things....the recovery is killing me! I am bored out of my mind ....not to mention the three more weeks with out sex!