Sunday, July 6, 2008

Marriage Survey

Stolen from Chica X...

1. Do you believe in marriage?

Do I believe that marriage exists Then, yes, of course I do. Do I believe in marriage for myself? Not as it's currently commonly understood and legally defined, no. Do I believe in marriage for others?. Hey, whatever floats your boat. It's an intensely private thing that everyone should be free to decide about for themselves.

2. What is marriage to you?

To me, marriage is ideally two or more people of whatever gender combination who are romantically and sexually involved who decide to commit to living together long-term as a family. It is the private commitment that essentially makes the marriage to me, not the government or the church, though those may be involved.

3. If you are married, why did you do it? If you are not, why have you not married?

I was married once, very briefly. I did it against my better instincts, as I was much younger then and more suggestible. I stay unmarried now because I prefer not to limit myself to a single woman and because I value my independence and privacy.

4. Do you believe in divorce?

Of course. Marriage was made for people; people weren't made for marriage. Marriage shouldn't be a lifelong prison sentence; if it doesn't work out, then cut your losses and move on. It shouldn't be an endurance contest where its success is measured mainly by how long it lasts.

5. If you are divorced, why did you do it? If you have not, are there certain circumstances under which you would agree to a divorce?

My divorce was by default -- she walked out on me. It would have happened, anyway, however, as my promiscuous predilections would have forced the matter sooner or later. I'm much happier now.

Bonus : Do you believe that same sex marriages are a threat to traditional marriages?

I can't see how what strangers do could have any possible effect on any particular marriage. As I've said before, it's the commitment agreed to among those involved that truly define a marriage, not external circumstances, such as how marriage law is defined.

And we must ask ourselves, what is "traditional" marriage, anyway? Marriage has existed in many different forms since ancient times and these different forms have managed to co-exist well enough until the present time. So-called "traditional" marriage, as today's conservatives currently define it, will continue to exist alongside same-sex marriage as long as there are those who choose to enter into this type of marriage.

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Old Lady Lincoln said...

Good afternoon, well apparently after almost 53 years Abe and I believe in it. But as far as our kids, one has been divorced once, one twice, one never married, she has a partner, and our son is separated after almost 30 years, but the divorce isn't final yet. One daughter is still married, almost 22 years. So apparently it isn 't for everyone.