Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February Odds and Ends

I'm too distracted today to write a proper entry, so I leave you with a few odds and ends.

For the last few months, I've had a "dog machine" living directly across the street from me. What is a "dog machine", you might ask?

It's not a machine, of course; it's just a dog on the smaller end of medium. The reason I call this animal a "dog machine" is that it is constantly barking, morning, noon, and night in a precise, measured rhythm. The dog never gets tired of barking and never gets a sore throat. It's almost as if my neighbor has placed a recording of a dog barking in their backyard in a continuous 24-hour loop.

Fortunately, the normal sounds inside my house pretty much cover up the incessant barking.

But I feel sorry for the dog. It's obvious the dog is lonely being stuck in the back yard all the time and simply wants attention. And I have to admit I don't understand the mentality of people who get an animal, then never spend any time interacting with it, other than at feeding time.


I've noticed that new fast food restaurants in my area are placing their drive-through windows higher than was previously standard in such places. Previously, when using a fast food drive-through, I would hand my money straight across; now I'm handing it up to the clerk. No doubt the ubiquity of SUVs in American life is responsible for this new phenomenon.


I've got a new favorite commercial on the radio. This one is for Frank's Red Hot Sauce, where an elderly woman tells us, "I put that sh-BEEP! on everything!" in a sweet, little-old-lady tone of voice. I'm surprised the morality police isn't foaming at the mouth to get this commercial off the air. Yes, there's a beep, but there's enough of the original word that everyone knows she's really saying, "I put that shit on everything"

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Roger said...

So sorry about the dog barking. I had that experience once, but so many neighbors complained, they gave the dog away. The dog was better off for it too.